5 Qualities Every Good Mechanics Shirt Should Have

5 Qualities Every Good Mechanics Shirt Should Have

Whether you own or operate your own mechanic shop or work for someone who does, you undoubtedly know the importance of having the right tools on hand at all times. The tools you work with must be efficient and feature state-of-the-art ergonomics and other desirable properties, and naturally, a clean, organized place to work is at the top of the list as well. However, some people believe that mechanics should simply wear any old thing because the clothing is going to get ruined anyway. Although it’s true that mechanic shirts take quite a beating, the proper clothing is nonetheless one of the major tools of the trade. Here’s what you should look for in a good mechanic shirt.

Breathable Fabrics

A mechanic shop can be a hot place to work even on the coldest winter day, which means that you’ll want a shirt made partially out of breathable fabric in order to remain as cool and comfortable as possible while on the job. Cotton or viscose blended with rayon or polyester is recommended. The synthetic fibers add stain-resistance and make the garment easier to clean than it would be if it were made completely out of natural fibers, while the natural fibers provide essential breathability. The addition of polyester or rayon also helps shirts stay pressed, maintaining a professional appearance.

Dark Fabrics

Mechanics aren’t doing their jobs if they don’t end up with grease and other vehicle-related fluids on their clothing at the end of the day, which is why light-colored clothing isn’t a good choice. Dark blue or black is the preferred choice of most professional mechanics. Even though mechanics usually wear a sturdy pair of protective coveralls over their shirts and pants, some simple jobs such as oil changes are often done without them.

Washable Fabrics

The shirts you select must be machine washable in very hot water. Using hot water not only helps to dissipate grease, it also remove odors. Fabrics should also be sturdy enough to be able to hold up to frequent washings — it’s likely that they’ll have to be thoroughly washed after just one use.

Optimal Movability

Mechanic work involves constantly moving around, and the shirt needs to allow for optimal movability. The mechanic needs to be able to focus solely on the job at hand instead of being distracted by restrictive clothing.

Protective Fabrics

The fabric of a good mechanic shirt should feature a thick enough weave so that it provides protection against minor injuries such burns, cuts, and scrapes that mechanics often experience on the job.

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