All You Need To Know About Ear Infection

by admin | August 30, 2018 4:00 pm

Ear infection also known as otitis, it is the medical term used for this. Sometimes it sounds threatening to some people. A lot of discomforts is experienced by the people who suffer from the ear infection. When the ear infection spreads then one must not even waste a minute and consult with the doctor about the proper treatment.

Our ears have three basic parts that are an outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. Doctors prescribe medicine according to the area affected and the severity of the infection. Canada Drugs[1] the online pharmacy for all kinds of medicines that is whether it is prescribed or non-prescribed. Here we are going to discuss the ear infection in the three different parts of it.

Outer Ear:

When the infection takes place in the outer ear it is known as otitis externa in the medical term. Children and swimmers are more affected by this. Children when scratching their ears and when the swimmers use polluted water for swimming the risk of having outer ear infection increases.

Foreign particles used for ear cleaning are also sometimes responsible for it. Pinna the visible part of the ear is affected in this case and the symptoms of it are redness and swelling of the auricles. Due to ear canal tightening sometimes patient experience temporarily hear loss.

Middle Ear:

Middle ear infection is also known as otitis media, there is a Eustachian tube present in it and when the infection or pathogen in the occurs in the upper respiratory tract then they come via this tube and infect the middle ear easily. Streptococcus pneumonias are the common bacteria that cause the middle ear infection. Patient experience severe pain due to pressure build-up in the middle ear as the result of fluid accumulation in the Eustachian tube.

When the tube is inflamed and it gives pressure to the eardrum to rupture and drainage of the fluid. Perforation can relieve pain and pressure. Symptoms that make sure you are having middle ear infections can be fever, tinnitus, feeling of fullness within the ear, temporary deafness, and irritability. When these symptoms go long for the three months then the otitis media becomes chronic.

Inner Ear:

Otitis interna the medical term used for it. Viral infection, upper respiratory tract infection and meningitis when spread towards the inner ear it can cause the infection in that particular area. The clinical manifestation that is common is a loss of balance and vertigo.

This happens because the inner ear is responsible for the balance during the head movement and change in bodily movement. Sound ways pass through it andhere the sound waves convert into the electrical impulses that are transmitted to the auditory cortex of the brain. Symptoms of this infection are nausea and vomiting and psychological disturbances due to severe dizziness.

Ear infection is not an inevitable disease but sometimes ignorance causes it. Proper care and having the healthy diet helps you in maintaining the all over health of your body.

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