Find Out the Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Car

by admin | September 19, 2017 10:03 am

There is a general notion among people that one should always buy a new car, but according to a market research, it’s better to go for a used Volvo XC60 Cars[1] instead of putting your hard-earned money into new one.

Whether you want to buy a second hand used car in Bangalore[2], Mumbai or any other place, there are many compelling reasons to do so.Here, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about why buying a used car is a wiser choice than purchasing a new one.

Let’s discuss all the reasons one by one.

Car Value

As far as car value is concerned, the adage is entirely true: A car loses its value as soon as you get it from the dealership lot – upto 15% depending on the vehicle that you are purchasing. It doesn’t stop there.As the time passes by and after 4-5 years, a typical car retains only about half of its value.

It’s very logical to go for a car, which is 3-4 years oldbecause it would have little value but with real sustainability. It’s very much possible to buy a used car, use it for the next couple of years and resell it with little in price. If you buy a car, which is more than six years old, then you might not get the same resale value. It’s better to go for a car, which is not more than 3-4 years old.

Get Excellent Deals

The deals available on used cars are very attractive, which is one of the most compelling reasons to buy a used car. Many people sell their new cars after a very short span of time, which means you can get a fairly new car for great prices.

Good Resale Value

The price of a car depreciates the most in the starting years. So, if you buy the car after its price depreciation and use it for the next couple of years before selling it again, you’ll still get the right price.

These are top three reasons that prove that why it’s better to go for a used car than a new one.

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