How Microplastic Is Silently Killing Our Planet

How Microplastic Is Silently Killing Our Planet

We often hear stories about plastic being dumped into the rivers of the world and how they damage marine life to a great extent. But did you know that terrestrial microplastic pollution is 23 times higher than marine microplastic pollution? Today, fragments of plastics can be found in every part of the world. When plastic breaks down into particles smaller than five millimeters, it is called microplastic. This microplastic can further break down into further smaller particles called nanoparticles which are 0.1 micrometers in size.

Microplastic is found in sewage which is used as a fertilizer in the fields that means there is microplastic in the soil in which crops are grown. This does not only affects plants but also the organisms that live in the soil like earthworms, that is quite affected by the presence of microplastic in the soil. A plastic that is chlorinated can release very harmful chemicals into the soil that leach down into the groundwater and the nearby water bodies thus polluting them. Additives such as phthalates and Bisphenol A (widely known as BPA) leach out of plastic particles and have very harmful effects on the human body and can cause hormonal and behavioral changes.

Microbeads are solid plastic particles that can vary in size from 10 micrometers up to 1 millimeter. These particles can be found in face washes and body scrubs and have been banned in many countries around the world such as Canada and United Kingdoms. These small particles result in the death of many fishes and other marine animals once they feed on these particles considering them food.

It is now or never to fight the battle against plastic!

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