How to approach old acquaintances to ask for a donation

Persuasion is the key to success in a crowdfunding India. Now that we have this out of the way, you should know that asking for money is an art that doesn’t come easy to all. Very often, though the cause is profound, people fail to raise funds for it. The reason is that communication in itself is difficult, and then to make the message inspiring is a real task that not everyone has mastered. Therefore, we at Impact Guru, have put together a few tips and tricks to help you approach people when asking for a donation.

Tailor your stories to suit your target audience

No two people, or in this case donors, are the same. Every person has a different soft corner, and a different cause that is close to their heart. Before you begin chalking out your crowdfunding India campaign story, understand the world of the person you’re pitching it to. Listen to your donors to know what their interests are, where their sympathies lie, and their background with philanthropy. This step will actually give you most of the answers as to what story will best suit your cause, and the donors you are targeting.

The heart over mind approach

We can’t stress this one enough. Not everyone is going to relate to, or even understand your cause if you just throw statistical data at them. Numbers appeal to the practical mind, but storytelling is the art of touching one’s heart. Inspire them through stories of hope, and faith, and success! Tell them about the most successful and life changing crowdfunding India campaigns! Tell them how they can change someone’s life too.

Add variety to your story

Your story doesn’t necessarily have to be about the problem or the cause itself. It can be about the background of your NGO, the inspiration for you to start it. Tell them about the volunteers, and tell them about the lives you’ve changed.  Give them a grand picture of your journey.

Explain why the story is important

Your narrative needs to explain the severity of the problem. That should be followed by a story of why this problem inspired you to start/join this initiative. Personal stories are the most relatable. Having said that, your story also needs to creatively find a way to give details about the cause, such as answering the questions of what, when, where, why, whom, and how. This will provide reassurance and validate the authenticity of the work your nonprofit carries out.

Make the donor a part of your story

If you’ve already left a mark in the heart of your donor, then don’t beat around the bush. Tell them that they too can be a part of this cause, and that each and every person who joins can impact a life. The donor needs to feel like he is needed, like he is saving lives. At this point you should inform them about the way that they can be a part of a greater cause that contributes to society. Tell them that how to make a donation, and remind them to share your cause with other to help increase awareness.

Remember that you are giving your cause a voice by telling it’s story. It is the most crucial communication phase of your campaign, because this is where you grab the donor’s attention. So pay attention to this part if you’re new to the world of crowdfunding!

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