Most Haunted Hollywood Hotels

Most Haunted Hollywood Hotels

Hollywood is known for many things. From the glittery Walk of Fame to the Hollywood Bowl to the famous sign in the Hills, this legendary neighborhood has long held a place in the world’s heart. But there is more to Hollywood that simply stars and warm weather. This Los Angeles neighborhood is also home to a number of reportedly haunted hotels that are fully open for business. There is a long history of twisted movie star and wannabe movie star deaths in Los Angeles, which means there are a wide variety of supposedly haunted spots, with most of them concentrated in Hollywood. If you are planning an RV rental trip that will be passing through LA and are into spending a spooky evening in one of these spots, then check out these most haunted hotels.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel


Easily the most famous haunted hotel in the Los Angeles area is the Hollywood Roosevelt. Opened in 1927, this hotel was specifically built for movie industry professionals and was frequented by many stars including Greta Garbo and Mary Pickford. As a matter of fact, the first ever Academy Awards were hosted right in the hotel ballroom. The hotel went through a massive redesign in the early 80s, which is when the hauntings started.

Many employees and guests reported the sightings of ghosts and spirits in the hallways and rooms, and there were suspicious and unexplained cold spots reported by many who visited the hotel. One of the ghosts spotted was reported to be a gorgeous blond woman who happened to be seen in a room once used by Marilyn Monroe. Others have spotted the ghost of notoriously troubled actor Montgomery Cliff, whose ghost is said to wander the halls in the nighttime hours.

The Chateau Marmont

This world famous hotel was also originally built for celebrities. Originally opened in 1929, this hotel has played host to dozens and dozens of stars over the years and features comfortable rooms plus extra special bungalow rooms in the back. The Chateau has always been known to be a private hotel, which has made it a prime spot for partying Hollywood individuals for decades. It has also seen its fair share of tragedy, with comedian John Belushi dying of a heart attack in one of the bungalows and Helmut Newton dying in a car crash just outside the hotel gate.

Many incidents of strange phenomena have been reported over the years from guests and employees alike. The reports include furniture moving on its own, windows swinging open and closing, voices in the hallways and on the exterior, and even several incidents of ghosts hovering above beds. The Chateau is legendary for many reasons, with the haunted aspect playing a major part of the myth. This is also an incredibly plush and comfortable hotel, so if you can afford the price tag then enjoy one of these rooms as a break from your RV rental journey.

The Knickerbocker Hotel


Built in 1925, this was originally a luxury apartment building for fast movers within the Hollywood set. Later converted to a hotel, The Knickerbocker played host to everyone from Rudolph Valentino to James Dean. Just like with most Hollywood hotels, however, it also hosts a long string of early deaths which have let to its haunted status.

The popular director D. W Griffith passed away from a stroke right in the lobby. William Frawley succumbed to a a heart attack just outside the hotel. Irene Gibbons, a successful costume designer, committed suicide in her room. There was even once an infamous seance held on the roof of the hotel in order to contact the spirit of Harry Houdini. A massive storm is said to have swept upnthe hotel that night which was not experience anywhere else in the area. Even Frances Farmer has a Knickerbocker connection. One of her first public breakdowns, just the first on the road to an infamous slide into madness, took place in her room at the Knickerbocker.

The ghosts of these unfortunate stars are said to haunt the halls of the Knickerbocker, roaming the grounds, moving furniture around in the rooms, and even speaking clearly to certain guests. Of all the haunted spots in Hollywood, this one by far boasts the most celebrity deaths, tragedies, and just plain freaky happenings.

Hollywood has been legendary since the 1920s for celebrities, strange happenings, tragic early deaths, and other freaky happenings. This is especially true of the hotels. These three are just the main course. There are many others that are purported to be haunted, so by all means research the full list if you are into doing a full scale ghost tour. For the RV rental traveler who likes to keep things spooky, you should most definitely pull up in Hollywood on your next trip.


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