Reasons Why Your Church Should Have an App

by admin | November 30, 2017 3:46 pm

A study carried out by Flurry Study confirmed that an average US consumer spends 2 hours and 42 minutes on their phones. Technology has advanced, and at the moment, people can use their phones to do virtually everything, from making calls to skyping and also visiting websites. Carrying your phone to church was seen an abomination in the yesteryears, but it has become a fact and we can no longer bury our heads in the sand. In fact, churches are now turning to build mobile apps to help church leaders to communicate and further strengthen their relationship with their congregation[1]. A perfect church app should have specific features that enable people to request for prayers, stream live, integrate socially, and much more. Does your church need this app? Make sure to read this[2] to know the reasons why you should opt for one.

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Effective communication with congregation

While you can communicate with your congregation through emails, mailings, handouts and even on social media, continued use of them may result in missing the message or deliberately ignoring the message. In short, most of the news you are trying to convey may not capture the short attention span of the church congregation. However, with a customized app, you can ensure the message gets home through push notification.

They increase giving opportunity

Online giving to a church is in the rampant these days. The majority of young Christians donate to a church at least ones every month according to a study. With a customized application, members of the church feel more comfortable tithing and making donations through the apps. Again, millennials are not accustomed to carrying cash and checks, and donating through the app is more comfortable for them. Some apps even have a push notification reminding users to give each time they enter your church.

You can keep the church’s sermons and teaching materials

With a good app, you can put all your church’s videos,┬ásermon notes[3], and podcasts in a single location and be able to retrieve them anytime you need 24/7. Such apps store exiting church database of readings, prayers, church calendar of events, several versions of the Bible, videos and more.

Easily get volunteers

Apart from emails which can easily go ignored, having an app for your church makes it easy for the church to get sponsors and volunteers to get various projects done. You can send a push notification, and write the message in a personalized manner to the whole congregation, calling them to action. With such notifications, it is easy to get help within few moments of sending it. In fact, you can solve old problems in new ways by way of applications.

Reduces your church budget

Many church applications have a weekly bulletin feature which makes it possible for the church to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on printing cost. Not only are huge chunks of money saved but also the time that could have otherwise been used to send bulk emails about future events. A push message always works wonders.

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