Repair and replacement of Sewer Lines in your house

Repair and replacement of Sewer Lines in your house

Sewers are the connecting pipes of the whole city’s drainage other wastes generated from houses, offices, schools and every other building, roads which have a drainage system. Blockage of a sewer is a serious concern as it can become a cause for diseases other than emitting toxic and stagnant material odors. Every house has a drainage system connected to a sewer outside the house and that sewer system is connected to the main city drainage system, treating the waste and disposing off the rest.

You should be careful in noticing the signs of sewer damage in and around your house, symptoms like slow drainage, extra green patches of grass in the garden, the smell of sewer gas releasing, rodent intrusion into your house are some of the signs of sewer damage and you have to be careful about them.

The sewer repair mechanism is not understood by a layman, it takes professional care and methods to repair the sewer system. The professionals indulged in the work of sewer repair and replacement includes services like:

  1. Removing the roots of trees which have intruded into sewer lines.
  2. Removal of materials mounted inside the sewer blocking it.
  3. Repairing of the broken or cracked pipes and reinstalling the sewer pipes.
  4. Repair or replacement of pipes which have sunk in the ground.
  5. Repairing the joints of the connected sewer pipes.

The work of sewer repair involves a lot of collateral damage as the ground has to be dug up first and then the fault area is inspected for damage thereon the repair work stars. The process time consuming and costly as the after-repair work is to be done again at the affected area, therefore it is always in your interest to keep your drains clean and do not hesitate to call for professional help at first sign of perceived damage.

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