Should Women Bodybuilders Avoid Using Proviron?

Most of the women bodybuilders hesitate to use Proviron as they believe that it can create virilization. However, in spite of that quite a few women take the risk. It is also an oral androgenic steroid with moderate amount of anabolic properties. Proviron is one of the oldest steroids, which appeared in the market in 1930. It is well known among bodybuilders and athletes.

Proviron for women

It can be considered almost same like testosterone with less androgenic properties. That’s why few women consider taking it. However, is it safe for women? If the androgenic activity of anabolic androgenic steroids increases then there is greater risk of estrogenic side effects, but estrogen is female sex hormone, so what is the issue? Androgen is a kind of hormone that gives rise to various male sex characteristics. Therefore, steroids like Proviron that is anabolic androgenic steroids with lower androgenic property can also create virilization among women.

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Due to virilization effects on women following male characteristics may be developed:

  • Deeper voice which is not reversible
  • Smaller breasts
  • Enlarged clitoris not reversible
  • Menstruation may cease which takes longer time to treat
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Acne may develop on face, around hairline, underarm areas, chest, groin and back
  • Facial hair growth

If the presence of androgen is in little excess then hair growth can spread in chest, back and on face. With medication it may slow down a bit. However, many women need to take laser therapy to deal with unwanted hair growth problem. You may read this in detail on the website

What is the reason of virilism?

In basic terms, the imbalance in sex hormone which is very delicate component for the total health causes virilization. Hormones not only control various activities in our body, but it can create dysfunction if there is imbalance throughout the body.

Therefore, women should avoid using this steroid for muscle gain. Though the ultimate aim can be achieved but at what cost?

Dosage requirement

In spite of that you can find from the discussion forum that many women take the risk and use this steroid. It is very difficult to suggest any suitable dosage as lower doses too can create negative influence among women.

Women should therefore never exceed more than 25 mg within a day. It should not be continued more than 4 weeks. Even this much dose is also sufficient to create hormonal imbalance.  So, initially women should start with 10 mg per day and observe. They should proceed further only if everything is found to be alright.

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