Things You Cannot Miss While Buying Kotak Life Insurance Plan

by admin | August 8, 2018 3:12 pm

One among the top ten Indian life insurance companies is Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Company. Established in 2001, it is a joint venture of Old Mutual Fund and Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. It has shown tremendous growth since its establishment with approximately 4 million policyholders nationwide. Its vast variety of products and efficient services attract umpteen clients.

Kotak Life Insurance plans online[1] acts as a strong shield to protect your loved ones from financial insecurities. Premiums are required to be paid at regular intervals. At maturity, you will be rewarded with returns of policy collected over the years. Kotak Life Insurance accommodates necessities like maintaining the flow of money, securing your child’s educational goals, saving up for big things in future and safeguarding retirement.

Kotak Life Insurance has the following basic life insurance policies. The policies can be customised according to needs by merging with other valuable features by Kodak.

  1. Term Insurance Policy
  2. Whole Life Policy
  3. Endowment Policy
  4. Money Back Policy
  5. Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs)
  6. Annuities and Pension

Benefits of Buying Kotak Life Insurance

In this world of uncertainties, it is utterly crucial to safeguard your family. In case of unfortunate life incidents, your loved ones should at least stay secured. Kotak Life Insurance solves your worries in the most efficient manner. Each policy is tailor-made according to the requirements of clients. Following are the ways in which a Kotak Life Insurance plan benefits you:

  1. Investment: Kotak Life Insurance is not just a life insurance policy but an element of investment. It provides better results than conventional investment options. The premiums paid after fixed intervals provide monetary protection in situations of risk. It serves as an investment against danger. A part of total sum invested in Kotak Life Insurance plan also goes in savings. At the end of the term, one can avail maturity benefits. Therefore, the policy serves as an exclusive and valuable investment option.
  2. Risk Cover: Kotak Life insurance aims to safeguard clients against unwanted and unpredictable losses. It revolves around the concepts of risk cover and protection. It helps to instil a sense of satisfaction in the customers. The customers are prepared for undesirable financial difficulties. The impact of a financial problem hits the family terribly. Kotak Life Insurance minimises such impacts and supports you through thick and thin. A wide variety of products gives you the freedom to choose according to your profession and lifestyle[2]. Such plans also save you from financial dips after retirement. Old age brings monetary requirements which can be secured easily.
  3. Planning taxes: Save tax smartly by Kotak Life Insurance plan. Since the Government of India provides tax incentives to life insurance plans, one can avail tax savings by buying a life insurance policy. It is an initiative by the government to ensure the flow of money into productive assets. A tax advisor can explain in depth, the aspects of it, according to your plan.

Some life occurrences are inevitably a part of existence. One should be well equipped to face such problems in advance. Kotak Life Insurance guards and prepares you for such adversities financially. Rising cost of living generates a demand for shielding your family monetarily.

Risks of Not Buying Kotak Life Insurance

There is still a lack of life insurance literacy in India. Online insurance plans have undoubtedly spread awareness about its benefits aggressively in the past few years. The main reason for reluctance, according to studies, is the confusion revolving around the correct time to buy a policy. It is observed that life insurance plans take a back seat in terms of priorities of the population. Enlisted below are some of the major consequences of not buying Kotak Life Insurance protection:

  1. Unsecured Future of Children: Every parent dreams to see their children successful. The education sector has skyrocketing expenses in today’s world. For a middle-class parent, it can be a matter of great worry in future. It is extremely important for you to protect your child’s future. Kotak Life Insurance provides child plans which take care of your child’s funding even in your absence.
  2. Financial Crisis: Nothing is definite in life. Your family should not be targeted after your death. The absence of life insurance can hit a family hard financially. It is utterly vital, especially when you are the sole breadwinner in your family. Kotak Life Insurance guards your loved ones by delivering comprehensive life coverage at low costs.
  3. Difficult Old Age: Old age turns out to be a phase of financial dependency for many. On the other hand, old age is a golden period of life to enjoy and relax. Undeniably, one faces a financial dip after retiring and seeks monetary help. Save efficiently for old age with Kotak Life Insurance. It makes you self-reliable and caters to all financial needs after retirement.
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