This Top Crowdfunding Site In India Is Inspiring Everyone To Be An Impact Guru

This Top Crowdfunding Site In India Is Inspiring Everyone To Be An Impact Guru

India’s booming population is often considered a misgiving. But, with the largest fraction of youth and an ever growing middle-class, young entrepreneurs in India have discovered a unique way to harvest the potential of its population to solve social problems and inequalities. Top crowdfunding sites like Impact Guru, Wishberry, Milaap etc. are working with NGOs, rural industries, artists, filmmakers to even the common individual in need for money, to say, fund a long-drawn and expensive medical treatment, to not only provide an alternate source of funding but also open avenues for the masses to interact with each other and problems around them to find sustainable solutions.

Crowdfunding in India has emerged as a messiah for the masses that till now relied on the kindness of a few billion-dollar philanthropists, who gave either for a well-planned photo-op or on some instinctual bout of generosity. (Studies have shown that even though India houses one of the largest number of Millionaires in the world, the percentage each give to charity is much smaller than in other countries.) Even those facing medical problems that require unaffordable treatment are turning to the crowd instead of running after banks and insurance companies. There have emerged at least 15 new crowdfunding platforms in the last decade and the response they have received only shows an upward curve.

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Impact Guru, started in 2014, has emerged as the largest crowdfunding platform for social and personal causes. It is the top crowdfunding site for medical causes, having helped as many as 10,000 patients raise money for transplants, cancer treatment, dialysis, accident injuries and more. These patients find financial support by starting a fundraiser on Impact Guru, where through social media sharing they invite their friends, family, colleagues and their outer network to contribute small amounts that will help them reach their goal.

“Crowdfunding is not about big acts of charity. In fact, it aids even those with a small giving power to make the biggest difference,” says Khushboo Jain, COO and co-founder of Impact Guru.

Founded on the ideology that each individual can create an Impact and therefore is an Impact Guru, the crowdfunding platform has actively engaged with lakhs of campaigners so far to help social and medical causes. Take this skin bank manager at Messina hospital for example, Daulatbi wanted to help a patient, Zakira, who was a victim of a heartless acid attack. Zakira hails from a poor family and with her husband now behind bars and she in the hospital had no other way to raise money. Daulatbi reached out to Impact Guru and started a fundraiser for her and within 4 days has already crossed Rs. 70,000!

Without the crowdfunding site, Daulatbi would have been helpless in her struggle to help Zakira. “Our main aim is to activate the inner potential of each person and to make them realize that even with a few clicks and shares, they can make a world of difference to someone,” adds Khushboo.

Everything has gone digital today and so has giving. Young Indians are now looking for ways to help on the internet. Even bigger NGOs have started accepting online donations and online volunteering has also emerged as a thing. On crowdfunding sites like Impact Guru, almost anyone can start a fundraiser for a cause they support or a person they want to help.

Just a couple of months back, a few residents of Pragati Maidan in New Delhi raised money to stop the felling of trees by builders in their locality. They were able to almost save 1700 trees!

Similarly, residents of Sarjapur in Bengaluru raised Rs. 2.8 lakhs to plant three trees! These examples of communities coming together to make a difference is everywhere and crowdfunding is definitely an enabler.

Impact Guru offers not only a crowdfunding platform but also aids people in the process. They have a dedicated campaign manager that assists the individual run a fundraiser 24×7. Plus, they keep delivering tips, tools and hacks for campaigners to reach the most number of people that they can.

Most people think crowdfunding is difficult, but the only challenge is to convince donors about your cause, the rest of the process is easy and quick. Jhanvi Patel, an 18-year-old too could crowdfund over Rs. 11 lakhs to help improve the quality of education and provide better hygiene standards to female students in Bhopal.

“It is happening slowly, but more and more people are interacting with crowdfunding platforms like ours to empower themselves, from a Harish Rohra who raised 8 lakhs for his kidney transplant to Anurag who raised Rs. 25 lakhs for his wife, people are quickly discovering they are not alone in their battles,” suggests Khushboo.

Crowdfunding in India is yet to bloom completely but the impact it’s making is still a massive one. Hopefully with crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru, more and more people will be inspired to find the Impact Guru within themselves and that will make all the difference!

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